Skin Formulas Autumnal Skin Guide

Skin Formulas Autumnal Skin Guide

It’s not just the leaves that change with the season; your skin does too. As the temperature becomes cooler, the air becomes dryer and your skin is less able to retain moisture. This means that your skin inevitably dries out. Alongside feeling tight and uncomfortable, dry skin can also cause rough patches, flakiness, sensitivity and more obvious fine line and wrinkles.

Dry skin is incredibly common in individuals no matter what the weather and is an extremely treatable skin concern. In this guide, we’ll explain how to save dry autumnal skin.

How does the skin become dry and irritated during the autumn months?

The drier the air, the drier the skin. Not only is the air outside drier, but as the days get chillier, we turn up the heating and continue to blast the skin with yet more dry air while we’re inside. When the skin can’t draw as much moisture from the air, it upsets the skin barrier.

The skin barrier is vital. This is the very top layer of skin that is made up of a combination of lipids (natural fats) and dead or dying skin cells. The skin barrier acts similar to a nightclub bouncer but for the body, keeping out the bad stuff (bacteria and harmful toxins) and keeping in the good stuff (natural oils and moisture). Without adequate moisture, the skin barriers ability to regulate what passes in and out becomes impaired.

Uncomfortable, tight, flaky and itchy skin are telltale sales of a damaged skin barrier and dry skin. Typically, the most affected areas are around the mouth, corners of the nose and eyebrows.

What does dry autumnal skin need?

Dry and damaged autumnal skin requires moisture replenishment. A routine that with each step adds an extra layer of hydration and nourishment will be key in rehydrating the skin and strengthening the skin barrier.

Products to treat dry skin should work together in harmony to rehydrate the skin. If one product strips the skin of the essential natural oils, every other product applied afterwards will be less effective.

Stand-out ingredients for dry skin are humectants such as hyaluronic acid, particularly in the form of a serum. This is because hyaluronic acid is extremely powerful in drawing intense moisture into the skin and holding it there like a sponge. When used within a serum, it is lightweight, easily absorbed and typically more potent than when used within a cream.

Vitamin C compliments hyaluronic acid by helping to reduce water loss and restoring the skin barrier by enhancing the production of lipids to keep the barrier intact.

The Skin Formulas Dry Skin Routine features products that are intensely hydrating, lightweight and full of nourishing ingredients to nurse dry, autumnal skin back to a moisturised vision of health.

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