Cleansing Mitt · Luxury dual layered 100% bamboo

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A premium bamboo Cleansing Mitt for a truly luxurious cleansing experience. Soft and sumptuous for even the most sensitive of skin with the added benefit of having natural antibacterial properties and being hypoallergenic. Perfect for gently cleansing and exfoliating daily build up, dead skin cells and removing everyday makeup, leaving the skin feeling brighter and revitalised. The Cleansing Mitt comes with a waterproof travel bag.

Key Benefits

• Hypoallergenic with antibacterial properties
• Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
• Exfoliates impurities from pores and stimulates cell renewal
• Suitable for sensitive skin
• Washable and reusable
• Made from the highest quality woven bamboo
• Oeko-Tex Certified
• Travel safe with waterproof bag

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How To Use

Use your cleanser as instructed, lightly soak your mitt with warm water and remove the cleanser residue from the skin whilst gently massaging and exfoliating the face, neck and décolletage. Rinse the mitt with fresh water when finished.

Looking after the Cleansing Mitt & Travel Bag

• Rinse the mitt with lukewarm water to remove residue after each use
• Wring mitt to remove excess water and leave to air dry
• Wash your mitt every 3-4 days, use multiple mitts and rotate between washes
• Machine wash the mitt and bag at 40°C
• Air dry or tumble dry on low heat after washing

Using the Travel Bag

Wring the mitt thoroughly after use and place the mitt in the bag and pull drawstrings to close. Only use the bag for traveling between destinations, it is not intended to be used as day to day storage. Do not store the mitt wet or damp in the bag for over 24 hours. Turn the bag inside out to dry thoroughly once you’ve reached your destination and wash regularly. Rinse the mitt after using the bag.


90% bamboo, 10% polyester, 100% bamboo Loops

Additional information

Weight 125 g
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 152 cm

23 reviews for Cleansing Mitt · Luxury dual layered 100% bamboo

  1. Anita Wray (verified owner)

    I only thought my skin felt cleansed when using the Oil & Milk formula, but using this and the mitt together is something else! My skin felt cleaner, smoother & refreshed! The mitt is super absorbant which helps hold the heat of the water longer than cotton pads and no more water running down your arm when removing your cleanser! Overall I’m so happy with my purchase, wish I had have ordered one sooner..

  2. Adela (verified owner)

    High quality, soft but gently exfoliate effects and I always looking for one because my children like them to 😍

  3. martinagrimes (verified owner)

    Love the texture of this mitt on the skin.

  4. mjdonohoe1 (verified owner)

    Lovely quality, leaves skin really clean

  5. jennykelly1986 (verified owner)

    When is a Cleansing Mitt · Luxury dual layered 100% bamboo more than a Cleansing Mitt · Luxury dual layered 100% bamboo? When it’s a Skin Formulas mitt. I bought this on a whim and would never use anything else. The material doesn’t affect my sensitive skin and as it’s quite thick it makes it easy to remove make up/cleanser/face masks.

  6. imargb4444 (verified owner)

    Cleansing Mitt · Luxury dual layered 100% bamboo is very nice to use and comes with a handy waterproof pouch

  7. jenny.ludlow (verified owner)

    Just when I thought Skin Formula products couldn’t do more for my skin, they brought out the Cleansing Mitt · Luxury dual layered 100% bamboo! My skin looked amazing by using their cleanser but it looks unreal now because of the mitt! Who knew the power of a mitt!

  8. julie.brosnan (verified owner)

    Love the Cleansing Mitt · Luxury dual layered 100% bamboo and use it alongside the oil and milk cleanser. It feels soft whilst ensuring a good cleanse

  9. maggiesheary (verified owner)

    The quality of the Cleansing Mitt · Luxury dual layered 100% bamboo is far superior to other well known brands I have used in the past. I love the size of the mitt also, I really feel like my face is squeaky clean after cleansing with it. One other thing I find wonderful about this product is that because of the luxurious material it is made from, it has great absorption. Therefore you don’t end up with water running down your forearm when using it like I would have found when using other types of Cleansing Mitt · Luxury dual layered 100% bamboos.

  10. emmas28 (verified owner)


  11. mariecarroll102 (verified owner)

    Feels so nice on skin

  12. clionaoc00 (verified owner)

    Great product to have, feels lovely on your skin

  13. patriciamhynes (verified owner)

    Makes cleansing my skin so much easier (& quicker)!

  14. cl2ciara (verified owner)

    Love it. Feel so clean after using it and skin feels great.

  15. aiscoyle (verified owner)

    lovely on the skin

  16. graceglsn (verified owner)

    Very good

  17. cl2ciara (verified owner)

    I love it to clean my skin in the morning and evening.

  18. ellenlanigan96 (verified owner)

    I love how thick and soft the Cleansing Mitt · Luxury dual layered 100% bamboo is. It is good quality and it washes really well in the washing machine.

  19. emmas28 (verified owner)

    Super product. It washes amazing in the washing machine. I love the handy bag in come in. I love the size and thickness of it. It’s sensitive on my skin but still leaves my skin cleansed and impurities gone! Best mitt out there.

  20. standishmichelle (verified owner)

    I love it it’s large which I love as it covers my hand it’s not flimsy it’s organic and I use like a hot towel it’s fab

  21. joannebrosnan21 (verified owner)

    Face seems very clean mitt is not that soft but gives a good clean feeling

  22. a_digan (verified owner)

    This mitt is so luxurious and comforting. I really love the feeling of the warm mitt on my cleansed face after a long day at work, so refreshing.

  23. cailinahoey (verified owner)


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