Skin Consultation · One to one personalised routine


A one-to-one consultation with our highly trained aesthetician will supercharge your skincare routine and help with specific skin concerns. Receive professional recommendations that offer the most effective treatment based on your skincare goals.

What’s included:

• An in-depth fact-finding skin consultation questionnaire
• Online face-to-face skin consultation with our aesthetician
• Discuss current issues and your skincare plan for the future
• Determine your goals and how to achieve them
• Discover the best skincare products for you
• A bespoke skincare routine
• Follow-up consultation in 4 to 6 weeks

You will receive an email to start the process once you’ve purchased the consultation.

Our Process

In the first stage of our online consultation, you will answer a series of questions about your skin, previous skin treatments, and relevant questions about any medical conditions. On completion, you will book an online face-to-face with our highly trained aesthetician Emma Hogan Eyre.

The face-to-face will last approx 45mins which we will cover your current skincare routine, your lifestyle and diet, and your skincare concerns and goals.

A follow-up consultation is also booked in 4-6 weeks to discuss how you are doing with your goals.


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